How to build baby bodies

  Western medicine-medicine-disease injections, injections are not
weak constitution child lung-Qi deficiency syndrome of the spleen of TCM
many parents of children sick and run hospital, children no better medicine for more than two days complained of drugs is not valid, allow doctors to give their children the infusion right away. In fact, after a child with a cold, it is not recommended to take immediate infusions and injections. Because so often do, it will affect the child's immune function. In addition, cheap drugs does not mean bad, for example from the penicillin-based drugs such as antibiotics should be used so that children have antibodies to antibiotics.
child is another major cause of poor health is lack of exercise. Parents are more willing to use children's spare time, for them to learn a foreign language, learning to play the piano. Sports more points was used as a test tool, or even stumbling block to learning.
Japan children were taught "not afraid of cold, exercise more" thinking. Physical education in both winter and summer, are requiring children to wear short shirts and shorts. Some children from an early age by their parents exercise cold bath, in order to exercise the child's body and will. I think that these Chinese parents need a good place to study.
expert advice: medication should be followed when children are sick, "medicine injections, injections are not" principle. In addition, parents can be combined with child interests, personality characteristics, external to the active kids, you can choose to play chess, jogging, riding a bicycle exercise; for inward quiet kids, select ball games, relay races and other sports.
traditional Chinese medicine--weak constitution child lung Qi deficiency and
in the clinic often have parents asked, "why should my children susceptible to diseases, often catch a cold?" Mainly associated with the Constitution. In simple terms, is the child of good Constitution, health, poor health is vulnerable to disease, and different Constitutions determines the different physical characteristics.
according to traditional Chinese medicine said that children in poor health can be divided into two broad categories: Yin-deficiency of lung-Qi deficiency syndrome of the spleen and gas. Qi deficiency of spleen and lung manifested by frequent colds, recurrent cough, severe asthma, often associated with diseases of the digestive system, such as anorexia, a partial eclipse gas deficiency is characterized by recurrent fever, usually low grade fever, and prone to night sweats at night, didn't sleep well, sleep is often tossed about, such a child body weight.
expert advice: in terms of enhancing child health, parents can give their children at home massage to prevent colds. Common massage techniques: spleen, tonifying the kidney, kneading shanzhong, Lung Meridian rubbing, kneading at zusanli and so on. Parents with practices, see massage network or of infantile massage books.
diet-children can be treated speacially for parents to improve your cooking
exercise and nutrition is the most important physical aspect, only these two have done well, can have a good physique. Many parents educate children to avoid partial eclipse, picky eaters, which consensus has been reached. But one thing is important, omnivore, food is just a base, can be said to be a passing line, and the ideal is still a big gap.
may be a lot of parents think that children eat is a natural, instinctive, does not need a special work, children's diets is in need of special care. As child nutrition required and parents can be very close, but child food recipes, receive skills and consciousness of eating and my mother could not reach, so let kids and parents eat the same things, children do not have access to adequate nutrition.

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