How to make the kids do not get angry

  1, and hold tight children
many parents are know put children package in infant in can makes crying of baby calm down, "this principles also applies Yu big some of children", has has two a children of Christina Austin • Bennett said "like, dang children fell has a falls, chafed has skin of when, he of security was crushed has, so she may crying shouted, you can put she hold up, gently to shake she until she of shoulder pine Chi down, such, she of security will slowly back. "
2, let him vent
If the child angry with small fists to smash things, give him a pillow, let him play enough, kindergarten teacher Lynn Phillips:" or a plastic hammer to him, let him hit so far he will use language to express his anger. "
/> 3, parents keep calm" when a child lost his temper when what matters most is that the parents cannot lose his temper. "Dr Amar Singh gate," said Rhea is our seven-year old daughter, she was often emotional, sometimes I can't take it anymore, I'll tell her that I have to leave the room to calm for a while, I found she was able to comfort their age, so I told her that's normal to feel sad or angry, and then I let her anger slowly fade away. "
to the parents kids often need" borrowing "peace of mind, need to calm parents before the child to calm down if his behavior is out of control, the child cannot do this.
4, listen to my child
even a child should have poured out her feelings right, our three year old daughter Madison, every time I hear her 15 year old sister wants her to leave her room, very angry. Haidi·sitanboer·piya said in the State of South Carolina, and Madison cried loudly: "she told me to get out of here!" And then broke into tears. I will listen to her, because her feelings had been hurt. When she finished, I let her help me prepare dinner or do some big girls do things at home, so she felt that she had been given special treatment.
5, the use of textiles and toys
relief effects on some children with special textiles, especially those characters like a blanket or hug dogs and cats children try to say: "this hairy bear and you can sit in one, it will make you feel better. "You may find a soft feel and touch it to the child gradually quieted down.
6, makes children laugh
"hop-on the ground if the child was worried, we jump out. "Bennett says," sometimes children angered to the point of hysteria, I would join her and she cried, "I said," cry louder louder, I can't hear you. "It won't be long before we both just laughed," but while humor can sometimes remove angry Thunder, you still need to be careful. Psychotherapists working in New York Dawei·shumakele said: "in some cases trying to make things worse, your child may feel that you are making fun of him, do not take him seriously, if you find this sign to change policy, or hug him, or listened to him in sympathy. "
7, focus
toddler toddlers want to explore many areas, if blocked is easy to cross, so don't tell him to rub cannot climb the table, on the contrary, shifted his gaze, give him something new to explore and, if possible, go out of the door. "Every time I took my 19-month-old Christina to Park, she was very happy after her to the Park, the birds will completely forget about making her blow a few minutes ago. "G GA, Gill said.
8, deep breath
told the children a deep breath can make children more anger, but if you squat, looked into his eyes, and then take a few deep breaths, he will probably not consciously mimics the way you breathe, and soon, he will calm down and tell you what happened, not stop weeping.