Parental sister-in-law tells you how to help your child improve resistance

  1. eating fruit
one study found that our body's immune system after each meal will be "crying wolf" error, so this time the body of "health guardians" will strengthen their preparedness. Experts warn this is caused due to the stimulation of the cooked food, long-term repeated damage to our body's immune system is very large, even can cause the immune system decline. So experts advise, eat some raw food meals in advance, so as to help our immune system play well in advance to prevent needle, so as to avoid impairment of the immune system.
in 1 hour before meals to eat fruit, can not only help us suppress appetite control weight, this effective elimination of foods at the same time stimulating, which serve to protect the body's immune system function.
2. Herb
all of the herb has significant benefits for our body, mainly found in the study has three main functions: the first is to regulate the endocrine function, through regulation of the endocrine can effective stability and immune system. There is also a natural clearing effect in normal life eat more herbs can effectively clear into the body of harmful substances can also play very good protective efficacy of the immune system. Last is to flood the body with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, nutrition and immune system.
in daily life, therefore, mother to enhance the resistance of children, then it should eat Hawthorn, ginger, oranges, mushrooms, beans, and herbs such as ginseng, licorice, Loofah, in order to protect your baby's immune system up and running.
3. eating raw vegetables
have a lot of kids don't like to eat vegetables, no matter how high the nutritional value of vegetables, picky eaters and other bad eating habits of children are always difficult to import. And have discovered, don't eat vegetables for a long time children their own immunity and resistance is very low, can not eat vegetables is the reason for child resistance drops. In daily life, therefore MOM make sure the children know the importance of eating vegetables, vegetables containing large amounts of interferon inducer, not only can strengthen the immune system but also effectively prevent various types of cancer.
special attention when they eat vegetables, because the nutrients in vegetables are very delicate, a little attention is likely to be damaged. So when you eat vegetables it is best eaten fresh, and only this can ensure the absorption of all nutrients. Face the question of what children eat can strengthen the immune system, vegetables are also very appropriate.