Shortly after the birth of the baby added what nutrients needed

  It is understood that appropriate exercise can stimulate the functioning of the various systems of the body potential, promote metabolism, helps boost appetite, improve the utilization of nutrients. Parents want to spare time to develop children exercise habits fit youth sports including running, playing badminton, swimming, skating, playing badminton, basketball, football, and more.
increased, brain food and diet
have increased the role of food: milk, soy, animal bone, shrimp, eggs, mussels, caviar.
contributing to increased therapeutic: Mussel soup
practices: mussels 50 g rice 100 g Mussel water juice, into rotten rice porridge to meters, it has tonifying liver and kidney, invigorating the blood and promotes bone growth.
with brain food: walnuts, eggs, animal meat and fruits, whole grains, bananas, apples, grapes, beans, dairy, nuts, fish, and so on.
diet: ZAO Qi soup, black bean
practices: black beans and 60 grams and dates 12, medlar 10 grams, the three into the clay pot, add the right amount of water, gently boiling, to black rot and its nourishing the liver and kidney, invigorating heart and spleen, nourishing blood brain, enhance memory function.