How to help a baby improve immunity

mushroom food baby of polysaccharides significantly enhance immune function, but also can improve cardiovascular function. Tremella and contains 17 amino acids, calcium, vitamins, nourishing lungs, saliva and stomach function. Mushroom, mushroom contains polysaccharide compounds can prevent rickets and anemia.
/> 2, yellow and green vegetable cellulose can prevent constipation and provide unobstructed sound absorption in the gut. FOS help intestinal beneficial bacteria growth of fruit, just like in a layer of the large intestine small intestine immune carpet. Children who don't like vegetables, it can be chopped, mixed cereals or meat to make meatballs, dumpling or wonton, it is easy to accept.
3, barley
cold, greasy baby bad breath, tongue coating is applicable. Barley also known as semen coicis, Mi Ren, contains protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin b, and so on. Jianpizhixie, wet with water permeability and improve immune function. Yam

4, usually weak baby and low immunity applies. Yam contains calcium, phosphorus, glucose, vitamins, and saponins. Strengthening spleen and supplementing lung, kidney, nourish a strong effect.

5, Tomatoes contain various antioxidant potent factor, such as which contain lycopene, carotene, vitamins e and c, increases baby immunity, repair damaged cells, protecting cells from damage and can reduce the mortality rate of babies caused by severe diarrhoea.