Baby eating eggs when attention to detail

  first "count": figured out
a two-year old child, takes about 40 grams of protein per day, in addition to the ordinary food, add 1 or 1 and a half eggs a day is enough. Iron supplementation in infants needs to eat egg yolks, 1/4 egg yolk can be crushed at the start to eat, then gradually add to 1/2-1. If you eat too much over the needs of children, the child's gastrointestinal can't afford, causing indigestion and malnutrition.
"r": half a year old baby in front of inedible egg
since the development of the baby's digestive system is not perfect, egg albumin molecules in small, sometimes directly into the baby's blood through the intestinal wall, infant protein allergy, eczema, urticaria and other diseases.
the second "r": not
to eat fried eggs into the frying egg and fried eggs, and egg is covered by oil, high temperature of oil can make some proteins burn, loss of nutritional value. After the baby will also have impacts on the digestive tract.
attention to three eggs and 5 kinds of food with food
1, sugar: the eggs and sugar to boil, make eggs form a combination of amino acids in proteins. This substance easily absorbed by the body, can have adverse effects on health.
2, soya-bean milk: soy milk has a special material called trypsin, combine with eggs in the egg white pine protein, can cause nutrient loss, reduce their nutritional value.
3, rabbit meat: meat of sweet to have gone cold, slightly cold eggs ganping, both of which contain bioactive substances, sharing happens, stimulate the gastrointestinal tract, causing diarrhea.
4, tea: tea something with protein in the eggs together will solidify, seriously affect the absorption of proteins, nutritional value of eggs was wasted. In addition, theophylline in tea will combine with egg yolk, affect the human body for the absorption and utilization of iron, causing anemia. So tea is not the best choice for babies.
5, Msg: egg itself contains a lot of glutamic acid MSG the same composition, again and again accent scrambled eggs, not only superfluous, but original destruction of natural flavor of the dish.
3 Constitution babies should not eat eggs:
1, gastric dysfunction babies should not eat eggs.
2, skin sores festering babies should not eat eggs.
3, febrile infants should not eat eggs. Egg protein food to produce "extra" calories, so that body heat increases, and detrimental to the baby recovered.

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