Full moon steaming

  women in the time of the full moon to the production of sweat, which is based on science. Because woman experience has delivery this a tension and pain and consumption physical of process, bones exterior big open, and for bleeding more and physical consumption, body upright insufficient, vitality yet recovery, body resistance declined; and maternal friends in whole confined activities volume are is small, most also are can't wash head, and bath, makes some metabolism real attached in skin surface; another confined during to home visits of people compared more, maternal of resistance compared poor, is easy by bacteria or virus of invaded. If you do not pay attention to the wind is cold and wet, outer evil will seize the opportunity to invade the body, in the month of convalescence bones gradually closed, cold pack into the body out, resulting in headaches, back pain and joint pain postpartum wind all the illnesses. If not treated, will have great impact on women's lives, then treatment will be more difficult.
due to maternal sweat a lot of mattress in a month, no matter how carefully will more or less infected with cold. Study of traditional Chinese medicine, the wind chill is the source of all diseases. Maternal infection in the month after the cold, it can cause a variety of diseases and leave lifelong after-effects. For example, women in midlife common migraines, headaches, back stiffness, aching legs, arthritis, weak cough and asthma.
at the same time as General intake of nutritious food during the month, and most of these foods are acidic food will be stored in the body toxins, hazardous to health.
in the past, many people pay more attention to nutrition, exercise during pregnancy, when regular hospital to have a child, children born to call in a professional confinement, feel that this is enough, but rather sit out one of the most important items are ignored, that is, when the Moon is maternal Detox (is what we usually call a full moon sweat). Because sweat contains a natural antibody, called "Pi Xiding" protein (Dermicidin) can kill harmful bacteria such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, thrush yeast. By full moon sweat not only bacteria and viruses can be discharged, stored cold in the body through sweating can also be completely ruled out. Meanwhile, sweating after childbirth is also a very good way to lose weight. Can excrete water swelling and minus excess fat, restoration of a beautiful form and a cheerful disposition. Bacteria reproduce in the summer peak season, full moon sweat even more important.
children were major events in a woman's life, but many mothers (80%) at the same time enjoying, but suffer postpartum appear headache, back pain, pain in the joints, muscle acid, mission, MA, pain, chills, cold and other confined the pain of disease. So said: "well a month after giving birth, health for a lifetime. ”